We have what it takes.

Without compromise, we offer and commit the following:

  1. An experienced, diversified staff of licensed professional surveyors and mappers who bring expertise and proficiency to every project.
  2. A dedicated and experienced staff of highly skilled survey technicians eager to demonstrate their abilities to deliver the highest standards and practices in the industry.
  3. Our commitment and investment in state-of- the-art equipment and technology that enable us to overcome unique and challenging project conditions or obstacles and ensure you receive survey data and information in the most accurate and efficient manner.


No matter the size of the project, Degrove has the personnel, equipment, technology, vehicles, and vessels to meet your needs. With our wide variety of trucks, utility vehicles, boats, and the Marshmaster, we are capable of accessing project areas that few others can. We offer both single beam and multibeam hydrographic surveying services. Whatever your survey needs, we have the ability to meet them.

Some of our services include: