Market: geotechnical

Side Scan Survey of Artificial Reefs

Complete a side scan survey of artificial reefs, in the St. Johns River. | Read More »

Multibeam Hydrographic Survey at Naval Station Mayport

Detect any shoals, lumps, or areas above the navigation channel limit of -50 feet MLLW in the one-half square mile project area. | Read More »

Anastasia Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

Complete subsurface utility location and designation throughout the plant. | Read More »

Wireless Towers

Completion of Boundary, Topographic, and Control Surveys in support of the acquisition, design, and construction of approximately 650 communications towers in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama. | Read More »

Westside and Northpoint Industrial Parks

Complete ALTA Surveys for 22 existing sites in an established industrial Park. | Read More »

Amelia Island Plantation Boundary

Complete Bounday and ALTA Surveys for designated properties, in preparation for closing on sale of Amelia Island Plantation. | Read More »

Cemetery Consulting

Cemetery Consultation | Read More »

St. Johns River Water Management District

St. Johns River Water Management District – Annual Contract | Read More »

Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park 8.5 Square Mile Area (SMA) Pump Station S-357 Modified Water Deliveries | Read More »

Pinhook Swamp

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the St. Johns River Water Management District purchased this tract of more than 56,000 acres from Rayonier, Inc. It is part of the state's Conservation and Recreation Lands (CARL) project and is an integral part of the wildlife corridor that connects Georgia's Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge with the Osceola National Forest in Florida's Baker county. This addition is a critical link that forms the largest public wildlife corridor east of the Mississippi River. | Read More »

JEA (Jacksonville Electric Authority)

For more than 10 years Degrove has been retained by JEA and several Jacksonville-area engineering firms to support their efforts under continuing services agreements. | Read More »

North and South Fernandina Jetties Plans and Specification Scope Survey

A hydrographic and topographic survey approximately 3 miles of jetties along the north and south sides of the St. Mary’s River entrance. | Read More »

Fisheating Creek Topographic Survey

Degrove was tasked with completing topographic surveys to support the creation of a model for flow dynamics for Fisheating Creek. | Read More »