Degrove Provides Survey Support for JEA Total Water Management Plan

Degrove has been providing survey support on Segments 3 and 6 of the JEA Total Water Management Plan (TWMP).  The goal of this pipeline project is to deliver potable water from the west side of the St. Johns River to Cortez Road.  The total corridor is nearly eight miles long, with Segments 3 and 6 encompassing over three miles of the route .  Since 2008, Degrove has also completed hydrographic surveys in the St. Johns River and provided survey support for preliminary recon on possible routes for the TWMP.

This summer, Degrove completed Topographic Route Surveys for both Segment 3 and Segment 6.  These surveys were completed to determine the existing site conditions for design considerations in construction for the TWMP Pipeline Project.  Degrove established control on each segment.  The vertical control of the individual segments were tied together and adjusted through a network of level runs that Degrove has built over the last 13 years. Location included all above ground features within and 10 feet outside the right-of-way.  Cross-sections were surveyed at 100-foot intervals and at significant breaks in grade.  Pipe inverts and underground utilities were also located.  Deliverables included electronic CAD files and printed hard copies.

Segment 3 began on Rio St. Johns Drive at Matanzas Way and proceeded easterly along Matanzas Way to Argo Drive, then northerly—through the transition from Argo to Bretta Street—to Commerce Street, then easterly along Commerce, crossing University Boulevard, to Westdale Drive, then northerly along Westdale to the JEA Water Treatment Plant – the total length of the route for Segment 3 being approximately 8300 feet.

Segment 6 began near the intersection of Southside Boulevard and Bradley Road, proceeded easterly along Bradley Road to Anniston Road, then southerly to pickup Bradley Road again, then easterly along Bradley to Cortez Road and 150 feet north and south along Cortez– the total length of the route for Segment 6 being approximately 9100 feet.  Degrove also completed the subsurface utility location and designation along Segment 6.

Degrove is proud to continue providing services for JEA projects.