Monthly Archives: March 2012

Degrove Licensed to Practice Surveying in North Carolina

Degrove Surveyors is now licensed to practice surveying and mapping in the great state of North Carolina.  After passing the state exam and meeting all licensing requirements, Ray Niles and Randy Tompkins are now North Carolina Professional Land Surveyors.  North Carolina is the seventh state in which Degrove is licensed to provide surveying and mapping services.  Degrove continues to expand throughout the southeastern United States and looks forward to the opportunity to serve the people and agencies of North Carolina.

Degrove is also licensed to practice surveying and mapping in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana. 

Degrove’s Will Pyle now a Certified Floodplain Manager

Degrove Survey Technician Will Pyle, S.I.T., in passing the certification exam and satisfying all requirements of the Association of State Floodplain Managers, is now a Certified Floodplain Manager.  Mr. Pyle received his Bachelor’s degree in Geomatics from the University of Florida.  In his time with Degrove, he has been involved with numerous projects concerning water resources and floodplain management.  Mr. Pyle has also served as Degrove’s field supervisor for multiple topographic and hydraulic structure surveys supporting Watershed Management Plans throughout the state of Florida. 

Mr. Pyle is an asset to the Degrove team, and his floodplain knowledge allows Degrove to provide better survey support for a variety of projects concerning floodplain management, environmental services, water management, and water resources.

Descriptions of some of Degrove’s watershed management projects can be seen here:
Alligator Creek Watershed Management Plan
Myakka River Watershed Initiative
Marion County Watershed Management Plan

Degrove Supports NAVFAC SE Efforts for Gradient Study at Kings Bay Naval Base, GA.

Degrove Surveyors recently completed a monitoring well project at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Kings Bay, Georgia.  Surveying services were in support of the Spray Field Gradient Study being completed by NAVFAC SE.  The study is being completed to determine the direction of groundwater flow from reused water spray fields.  Project tasks included completing a vertical control survey and also providing horizontal coordinate information on 23 monitoring wells located throughout the base – some being in very high security areas in which a full-time escort was required.  Despite having to cooperate with time-consuming security checks and daily vehicle scans, Degrove completed the project and delivered the information days early.  Field crews used digital levels and bar-code rods to achieve maximum accuracy and precision.  All vertical data was processed and adjusted using least-squares adjustment software.  Horizontal locations were determined with Trimble sub-meter GPS units.

Degrove Serving U.S. Forest Service in Apalachicola and Ocala National Forests

Degrove Surveyors is currently supporting the U.S. Forest Service through providing boundary-related survey services in the Apalachicola and Ocala National Forests.  In the Apalachicola National Forest, Degrove is performing land line maintenance for approximately 35 miles of Forest Service boundary lines with eight of those miles needing full boundary surveys.  In the Ocala National Forest, Degrove is performing land line maintenance to approximately eight miles of boundary lines, with possible full boundary surveys on a portion of lines that is still to be determined. 

The line maintenance includes recovering the boundary lines and then clearing, blazing, painting, and posting trees along the boundary.  Duties also require recovering existing corners along the boundary lines and establishing/refurbishing corner evidence such as sign posts and bearing trees.  All new information is being reported on corner cards provided by the Forest Service. 

Degrove Party Chief, Tyler Tracz, blazing and scribing bearing trees to refurbish corner evidence.

Degrove Awarded Contract with SWFWMD

Degrove Surveyors, Inc. has recently been awarded a contract with the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD).  The contract will span the next three years and will have Degrove providing the District with surveying and mapping services on an as-needed basis.  Degrove has contributed to SWFWMD projects in the past, either directly or as a sub-contractor to engineering firms.  Recently, Degrove has provided survey support on a number of watershed studies, and completed boundary and hydrographic surveys for the District.  We look forward to further developing this positive professional relationship.

Degrove is also currently in the third year of our fifth consecutive contract with the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD)—totaling 15 consecutive years of service—and is also an approved surveyor for the Suwanee River Water Management District.  This combines for three of the five Florida Water Management Districts that Degrove is now officially able to serve either through continuing services contracts or District approval.  Our team has become very comfortable providing survey support for a variety of environmental, water management, water resource, and floodplain management purposes.