Degrove Serving U.S. Forest Service in Apalachicola and Ocala National Forests

Degrove Surveyors is currently supporting the U.S. Forest Service through providing boundary-related survey services in the Apalachicola and Ocala National Forests.  In the Apalachicola National Forest, Degrove is performing land line maintenance for approximately 35 miles of Forest Service boundary lines with eight of those miles needing full boundary surveys.  In the Ocala National Forest, Degrove is performing land line maintenance to approximately eight miles of boundary lines, with possible full boundary surveys on a portion of lines that is still to be determined. 

The line maintenance includes recovering the boundary lines and then clearing, blazing, painting, and posting trees along the boundary.  Duties also require recovering existing corners along the boundary lines and establishing/refurbishing corner evidence such as sign posts and bearing trees.  All new information is being reported on corner cards provided by the Forest Service. 

Degrove Party Chief, Tyler Tracz, blazing and scribing bearing trees to refurbish corner evidence.