Degrove Provides Subsurface Utilitity Location for IGP Water Main Design in St. Johns County, FL

Degrove Surveyors, working on a team that included CDM and Bradshaw-Niles & Associates Inc.,  completed services supporting the design of the International Golf Parkway reclaimed water main to Palencia in St. Johns County, Florida.  The work was completed for the St. Johns County Public Works Department. Degrove was responsible for all subsurface utility designations and approximately 90 soft-dig test holes along the 8.5 mile route.  Degrove utilized a variety of subsurface location equipment, including electromagnetic locators, ground penetrating radar, and a vacuum excavator.  Degrove worked closely with the project surveyor, Bradshaw-Niles, to provide CDM with complete and accurate documentation of the route both above and below ground. The water main will provide reclaimed water to the Palencia development for irrigation of the golf course and common areas.