Degrove Completes Hydro/Topo Survey and Muck Probes on Harney Pond Canal – South Florida

Degrove Surveyors, working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, recently completed a topographic/hydrographic and structure survey on the Harney Pond Canal in South Florida.  The survey covered over 2.5 miles of the Harney Pond Canal, which flows into Lake Okeechobee on the northwest side of the lake.  Topographic and hydrographic cross-sections of the canal and bordering levees were surveyed at intervals of 100 feet, and 50 feet in areas with water control structures.  Seven water control structures were also surveyed.  In combination with the hydrographic portion of the project, Degrove crews completed muck probes in order to determine the thickness of the muck layer that has formed throughout much of the canal.  The project supported general monitoring and planning efforts of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.