Amelia Island Plantation Boundary

Market Supported

Real Estate


Amelia Island Plantation, Nassau County, FL


TRT Omni (Omni Amelia Island)

Time Frame

8 weeks


September 20, 2010


Complete Boundary and ALTA Surveys for designated properties, in preparation for closing on sale of Amelia Island Plantation.

Main Project Tasks

Degrove was tasked with locating the boundary, all improvements, and Coastal Construction Control Line, as well as portraying all title exceptions.  There were a total of 197 title exceptions.

We had only 30 calandar days to prepare boundary surveys for Long Point Golf Course (150 acres) and Ocean Clubhouse (4.5 acres).  We also had only four weeks to produce ALTA Surveys for the Convention Center, Inn, and Beachclub (15 acres) and shops area (11.8 acres).  Degrove accomplished this while also simultaneously completing the 22 ALTA Surveys for the Westside Industrial Park project.

Degrove kept three field crews on the ground throughout the project, and utilized a variety of GPS equipment, as well as robotic total stations to accomplish these tasks.

Project Manager, Brenda Catone, was in constant contact with the attorneys throughout the closing process.