Cemetery Consulting

Market Supported



Florida and Georgia



Time Frame

2004 to Present




Cemetery Consultation

Main Project Tasks

Degrove has surveyed, mapped, and/or consulted on over 350 gardens in over 40 cemeteries throughout Florida & Georgia.  Degrove, in consultation with cemetery management, has completed and implemented pinning plans for these gardens and has set upwards of 20,000 cemetery pins.  Some of these gardens were new developments, but most involved evaluating the quality of existing pin and vault location.  .  Beyond traditional survey duties, our services include pin evaluation, planning and layout, garden staking, garden design, and vault location using probing and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

Final products can be:

    Paper maps for use by the superintendent or as sales maps (in a size convenient for your use)

    High glossy map with an aerial photo of your property to hang in your office (up to 36’ x 60”).

    Digital files that can be integrated into Geographic Information Systems (GIS), such as H.M.I.S.,    
    E.S.R.I. or other software, today or next year.