Pinhook Swamp

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Baker County, Florida


Statewide Surveying Services Florida Department of Environmental Protection


The Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the St. Johns River Water Management District purchased this tract of more than 56,000 acres from Rayonier, Inc. It is part of the state’s Conservation and Recreation Lands (CARL) project and is an integral part of the wildlife corridor that connects Georgia’s Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge with the Osceola National Forest in Florida’s Baker county. This addition is a critical link that forms the largest public wildlife corridor east of the Mississippi River.

Main Project Tasks

As part of our annual contract with Statewide Surveying Services, we completed his substantial project. We used the resources of both our Gainesville and Jacksonville offices, along with Nick Miller, Inc. to complete this important project. 

A joint Venture was formed between Degrove Surveyors, Inc. and Nick Miller, Inc. of Palm Beach Gardens for our FDEP contract. The joint venture consisted of preparing an appraisal map, boundary survey and numerous parcel descriptions. The project began with utilizing existing aerial photography, property appraisers’ maps and the National Wetlands inventory files to create an appraisal map.
The boundary of the property was established through a retracement survey of the Public Land Survey sections. The retracement involved seven townships, the current state line and two former state lines between Florida and Georgia. Geographic Measurement Management (GMM) software was used to aid in determining the position of PLSS corners. A GPS survey was completed to control the field traversing of approximately 100 miles of boundary lines.  

Numerous fence encroachments occurred around the towns of Taylor and Baxter. The parties involved in the transaction made the decision that these areas would be deeded to the adjacent property owners. Boundary surveys were prepared for each parcel, as well as additional easement descriptions for existing roads and utilities.