We use technologically advanced software and the best survey equipment on the market to meet any unique, challenging project

At Degrove Surveyors, we utilize top-quality, state-of-the-art equipment and technology that enable us to overcome unique and challenging project conditions. Our investment in such equipment and software also helps us ensure that you receive the right data, in the right format, in the most accurate and efficient manner possible.  Our variety of specialty vehicles and watercrafts allow us to survey in terrains and remote swamps that few others can access.  Degrove has the equipment to measure in every type of environment: oceans, forests, rivers, swamps, wetlands, beaches, and more.

Conventional surveying equipment:

  • Leica robotic total stations
  • Trimble GPS (Global Positioning Systems)
  • Leica digital levels

Hydrographic equipment:

  • Single-beam echosounders
  • Multibeam echosounders
  • Sidescan sonar
  • Sound velocity probes
  • Tide gauges

Subsurface utility location equipment: 

  • Vactron AIR 855SDT hydro/vacuum excavator (soft digs)
  • Vivax electromagnetic locator
  • Metrotech electromagnetic locator
  • GSSI ground penetrating radar (GPR)


  • 4×4 trucks
  • Trailers
  • Four-wheel-drive utility vehicles
  • Marshmaster I amphibious tracked vehicle


  • Aluminum survey boats with enclosed cabins
  • 14’ aluminum inflatable pontoon survey boat with 40 hp Mercury
  • 15′ aluminum airboat
  • Aluminum jon boats with outboard motors