Degrove Completes Topo of Dead River for SJRWMD

Degrove recently completed a topographic survey of the Dead River in Eustis, FL for the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD).  The Dead River flows between Lake Harris and Lake Eustis and runs underneath Highway 441.  Degrove surveyed six cross-sectional lines that were specified by the District and totaled 8600’.  The survey was completed through our Gainesville office.

The survey will enable SJRWMD to study the hydraulic characteristics and flows of the river.  The data will also serve to populate the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) simulation program to model the water surface profiles and flows of the Dead River.

“Since the Dead River is the only natural flow way from Lake Harris to Lake Eustis, this information is critical for determining the minimum flow and level in the Harris chain-of-lakes, the historic lake stages in the Upper Ocklawaha River Basin, and the effects of discharge through Harris Bayou on the flow regime of the Dead River.” – SJRWMD

The topographic survey lines stretched across the Dead River from shoreline to shoreline including the cypress marsh that borders the river on each side. Control for the survey was established using RTK GPS and cross section lines were cut and laid out using total stations.  A digital level and chain was employed where the swamps were too deep and overhead cover was too thick for other methods.  In the open river, channel soundings were done with a conventional level rod equipped with a standard six inch circular plate attached to the bottom.