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Degrove Completes Side Scan Survey of Artificial Reefs – St. Johns River

Degrove provided side scan surveys of two recently-constructed artificial reefs in the St. Johns River.  The reefs, located south of downtown Jacksonville, Florida, are designed to attract game fish.

The following excerpt was taken from an article published on, with the full article being available here.

The habitat enhancement project was started by the Jacksonville chapter of the Costal Conservation Association. The overall project, which doesn’t include the cost of three years of research on the reefs, cost $59,000 and was covered in part by $30,000 from country singer Kenny Chesney. The Florida Department of Wildlife and Conservation also awarded CCA a $30,000 grant for the project.

CCA enlisted TISIRI, a nonprofit organization that has installed artificial reefs off the coast of North Florida, to manage the project. Joe Kistel, director of TISIRI, said this project was the state’s first artificial concrete reef in an urban river.

Pictured below: some of the side scan sonar imagery of the northerly reef, captured during the survey.