Degrove Takes to the Air for Benchmark Reconnaissance

Degrove has had to utilize a helicopter to access places of the Everglades so remote that even our airboat and marshmaster could not suffice.  This was in support of a benchmark monumentation and monitoring project for the US Army Corps of Engineers – Jacksonville District.  The project included three main tasks. 

The first task was to construct and set six benchmarks meeting the requirements of Class “B” NGS Stability Standards.  We then had to observe these six benchmarks, as well as eight existing control points, to establish accurate horizontal and vertical information on the monuments.  Degrove used a jack-hammer to build the new benchmarks and did 24-hour static observations to establish the horizontal and vertical information.

The second task is the task that is ongoing.  Degrove was tasked with recovering 48 benchmarks and obtaining a measurement from the measuring point of the monument to the top of water.  Most of the benchmarks were submerged.  All of these also had to be accessed with the aid of a helicopter. 

The third task was vegetation monitoring.  Degrove created sketches of each benchmark, showing the location of the surrounding vegetation.

The majority of the field work was completed by Degrove Senior Party Chief, Mark Coxwell (seen in pictures above and below).