Ray Niles becomes ACSM-THSOA Certified Hydrographer

Degrove President, Ray Niles, has achieved the status of Certified Hydrographer by the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping and The Hydrographic Society of America.  This certification is well-recognized in the hydrographic surveying industry.  It is also considered by many Federal, State, and Local Agencies when selecting consultants.  Ray has been actively practicing hydrographic surveying for over 25 years, and is highly skilled in both hydrographic data collection and processing.

In addition to becoming a ACSM-THSOA Certified Hydrographer, Ray is a Hypack Certified Hydrographer.  This is another prestigious certification, as less than 5% of surveyors who take the certification exam achieve a passing score.  Hypack’s website states the following about the certification exam:

“Users must demonstrate advanced knowledge in Survey Design, Hardware Configuration, Survey, Single Beam Processing, Sounding Selection, Multibeam Calibration and Processing, Volume Computations and General Hydrography in order to pass. Less than 5% of surveyors who take the test achieve a passing score.”

More about the exam, as well as a list of those who have passed the exam worldwide, can be found at www.hypack.com.