Degrove Completing Hydrographic Survey and Muck Probes on Lake Apopka – Supporting SJRWMD

Degrove Surveyors is near completion of a project on Lake Apopka in Orange County, Florida that will support planning and dredging efforts of the St. Johns River Water Management District.  Lake Apopka, once a prime fishing and boating attraction in central Florida, now holds a layer of muck and silt so thick that the lake depths are as low as two or three feet throughout much of the lake. 

In order to support the St. Johns River Water Management District in their planning efforts, Degrove is completing a Hydrographic Survey of specified transects of the lake, as well as 1,700 muck probes on grids varying between 50, 100, and 200 feet.  The hydrographic data was calibrated to determine a consistent lake bottom in very inconsistent bottom densities.  The muck probes are being completed using survey range poles with a water pump system attached.  The water is sprayed through a hose system that is attached to the probing rod, which helps to blow away the dense layers of muck that make it very difficult to probe and determine the depth of the original sand bottom.  At each of the 1,700 probe locations, the top of the muck/silt is determined, as well as the depth of the muck above the historical sand bottom of the lake.  This data is being used to create two digital surfaces that will assist the engineers in dredge and cost planning.  The muck depths in the lake have ranged between seven and 30 feet.

Degrove has been serving SJRWMD for over 15 years and is pleased to continue supporting water management efforts throughout the state of Florida.