C. W. Bill Young Regional Reservoir Multibeam and Side Scan Survey

Degrove was tasked with completing multibeam and side scan surveys of the C. W. Bill Young Regional Reservoir. Coverage included the complete reservoir to 4 feet below the sonar head. The survey was completed utilizing a Reson 8125 high resolution multibeam sonar for swath bathymetry, an EdgeTech 4125 side scan sonar and a POS MV Surfmaster Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for motion correction and positioning. The RTK/GPS corrections were supplied by a Dual Frequency GPS receiver set on a nearby control point transmitting GPS corrections to the POS MV via cellular modem from the monument established by the control survey.
A patch test was performed prior to commencement of the survey to calibrate the system. Sound Velocity readings were taken periodically during the survey with an Odom Digibar to correct for speed of sound during processing. The horizontal and vertical system offsets were verified by checking in over a known control point while the boat was still on the trailer.
The survey requirements included the necessity for 25% overlap of swath data and 100% overlap for the side scan data. 
The hydrographic data was collected and processed with Hypack and Hysweep hydrographic software.