Summer Haven River – Marineland

Degrove was retained by Turnbull Environmental, Inc. to support the reconstruction of the Summer Haven River and adjacent beach and dune system in southeastern St. Johns County, Florida between Marineland on the south and the Matanzas River on the north. Barrier island overwash has historically been a problem in Summer Haven, in 2008 Tropical Storm Fay produced an overwash and a breach at Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Range Monument 200 (R-200). The breach allowed sediment to eventually fill the river with beach sand in the vicinity of Summer Haven. From 2009 to 2010 a dry beach developed within the Summer Haven River, inhibiting the flow of the river from just east of the A1A Bridge to approximately monument R-203. As a result approximately 300,000 cy of sand that has been deposited in the river will be excavated and placed within the beach and dune fill template between monuments R-200 and R-208. An additional element to the project has been added as a result of the impact of Hurricane Matthew that occurred in October of 2016. Multiple breaches of the beach occurred, the largest of which is approximately 150-feet wide and 10-feet in depth. We have completed a survey of the breach to assist in plugging it. Hurricane Matthew has either cut off access to or destroyed many structures in Summer Haven.  We will be performing construction staking and surveys for measurement and payment, as well as topographic and hydrographic surveys for further design.