We are proud to receive many award-winning recognitions by our clients

Degrove Awarded Contract with the USACE

Degrove has been awarded a third consecutive Indefinite Delivery Contract for Topographic and Hydrographic Surveying and Mapping Services to support the Jacksonville District and the South Atlantic Division. 

Degrove Attends FSBPA Tech Conference as the Featured Exhibitor

Degrove, a long time supporter of the Florida Shore and Beach Preservation Association (FSBPA), was invited to attend the 2015 Technical Conference as the Featured Exhibitor.  In addition to our typical presence in the exhibit hall, Degrove was given the opportunity to give a brief presentation at the Conference in Clearwater Beach, Florida.  The presentation focused on two things that make Degrove a superior asset to any coastal project requiring survey support: our team and our project experience.  Our team of professional surveyors and certified hydrographers offer a diverse level of expertise that is rarely found in a single, small business survey firm.  These team leaders, combined with our diverse project experience, provide assurance that Degrove maintains not only an ability to provide the services, but an elevated level of expertise in coastal surveying. 


Degrove Completes Side Scan Survey of Artificial Reefs – St. Johns River

Degrove provided side scan surveys of two recently-constructed artificial reefs in the St. Johns River.  The reefs, located south of downtown Jacksonville, Florida, are designed to attract game fish.

The following excerpt was taken from an article published on jacksonville.com, with the full article being available here.

The habitat enhancement project was started by the Jacksonville chapter of the Costal Conservation Association. The overall project, which doesn’t include the cost of three years of research on the reefs, cost $59,000 and was covered in part by $30,000 from country singer Kenny Chesney. The Florida Department of Wildlife and Conservation also awarded CCA a $30,000 grant for the project.

CCA enlisted TISIRI, a nonprofit organization that has installed artificial reefs off the coast of North Florida, to manage the project. Joe Kistel, director of TISIRI, said this project was the state’s first artificial concrete reef in an urban river.

Pictured below: some of the side scan sonar imagery of the northerly reef, captured during the survey.

Degrove Completes Multibeam Hydrographic Survey for NAVFAC SE at Naval Station Mayport

Degrove Surveyors recently completed a multibeam hydrographic survey for the NAVFAC Underwater Electro-Magnetic Measurement System (UEMMS) Type VI Upgrade Project at Naval Station Mayport in Mayport, Florida. This project upgraded an existing Type V magnetic measurement range.

Degrove completed the post-construction survey of the one-half square mile project area, located on the river bottom of the Naval Station Mayport ship channel in the St. Johns River. The survey was used to detect any small shoals, lumps, or areas above the navigation channel limit of -50 feet MLLW that may require the contractor to send down additional divers to rake the area.

Due to the high accuracy requirement of this survey, Degrove utilized the state-of-the-art R2Sonic 2024 multibeam system, along with dual-antenna RTK GPS for positioning and a CODA Octopus F175 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for motion detection. We employed this system on our 26’ SeaArk survey vessel with twin 150 horsepower engines. Patch tests and performance tests were completed within days of the survey to ensure that all offsets and calibrations were correct. A sound velocity probe was mounted at the multibeam transducer to account for real time changes in sound velocity, and full sound velocity profiles were taken every two hours. Accurate measurement of the sound velocity was especially critical on this project due to the dynamic water conditions near the mouth of the river, as well as the water depth.

Maps were produced showing one foot contour intervals and dense spot elevations. Degrove delivered hard copy maps as well as electronic CAD files.

Degrove Completing Hydro/Topo Survey for Beach Monitoring in Duval County, FL – Supporting USACE

Degrove Surveyors, as part of our continuing services contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District, is near completion of a hydrographic and topographic survey for beach monitoring in Duval County, Florida.  The survey area includes nearly 11 miles of coastline, from the St. Johns River Inlet at Mayport, southerly to the northern part of St. Johns County.  Survey data was achieved from the Coastal Construction Line on the landward side, out to 3,000 feet offshore. 

Topographic field crews utilized RTK GPS to attain data onshore and out to a safe wading depth at low tide.  Hydrographic data was collected in Degrove’s 26-foot SeaArk.  Nearshore hydrographic data was achieved at high tide, helping to ensure overlap in the topographic and hydrographic data.  The vessel is equipped with RTK GPS for positioning and heading, an electronic transducer and fathometer for soundings, and a motion reference unit (MRU) for determining heave corrections which are applied in the post-processing of the hydrographic data. 

The Corps of Engineers completes these monitoring surveys on an annual basis.  This is the fifth time Degrove has surveyed Duval’s beach in recent years.  We have completed surveys similar to this in many Florida counties on both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.  Information is used to aid in planning beach renourishment.

Pictured above: Degrove’s Hydrographic Manager, Ray Niles, PSM, CH, operates the survey vessel to achieve hydrographic data near the Jacksonville Beach Pier (seen in background).

Degrove Continuing to Provide Survey Support on Site 1 Impoundment Project – Palm Beach County, FL

Degrove Surveyors has continued to provide survey support to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District, on the Site 1 Impoundment / Fran Reich Preserve Project in Palm Beach County, Florida.  The project is a component of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), and is critical to the long term restoration and environmental sustainability of the Florida Everglades.  The 1,660-acre impoundment area will store excess surface water runoff from the Hillsboro Watershed as well as releases from the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge and Lake Okeechobee.  The project will store water that is currently lost through the Hillsboro Canal to the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway.  The project will also provide groundwater recharge, reduce seepage from adjacent natural areas, and prevent saltwater intrusion by releasing impounded water back to the Hillsboro Canal when conditions dictate.  While the lead role for project design and construction is the USACE, the South Florida Water Management District (a CERP non-federal sponsor) acquired the land and participated in the conceptual design of the project.  (source).

Degrove has been contributing to this project on an ongoing, as-needed basis since 2012.  Survey needs have varied, with tasks most commonly including topographic / as-built surveys of the D-525N levee / L-40 canal Modifications at various stages of construction.  The survey data is being used for quality control / quality assurance checks by the Corps of Engineers.  Degrove has also completed hydrographic surveys and muck probes, as well as repeated surveys of the sheet pile retaining wall on the north side of D-525N, which holds back the water from the Hillsboro Canal (L-40).  These services have supported USACE efforts to ensure the ongoing stability and safety of the wall.

Site 1 Impoundment – Project Area Map

D-525N levee, looking easterly.  Hillsboro Canal and retaining wall seen on the left.  Future impoundment reservoir area seen on the right.

D-525N levee, looking southerly at the 1,660-acre impoundment reservoir.

D-525N levee, looking westerly.

Southerly side of sheet pile retaining wall and key ditch.  Hillsboro Canal is on the other side of the wall.

Degrove Supporting Beach Renourishment for USACE in Brevard County, FL

Since November, Degrove Surveyors has been providing continuous and ongoing survey support for the Brevard County Beach Renourishment Project managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District.  The project area encompasses 11 miles of beach, and is anticipated to conclude May 1, 2014.  Degrove is completing pre-construction and post-construction topographic / hydrographic surveys, and providing the Corps with surface modeling and volume calculations for pay quantities.  Due to the nature of the project, our team has had to provide information to the Corps seven days a week, including holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Further details on the project are included in the following excerpt from Brevard County’s website (current as of 02-11-2014), which can also be found here:

North Reach – Cape Canaveral / Cocoa Beach

The US Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a contract to Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company (GLDD) to renourish 7 miles of the Brevard County Shore Protection Project’s North Reach to counter erosion caused by Hurricane Sandy. GLDD will place approximately 1 million cubic yards of sand along the shoreline between Cheri Down Park in Cape Canaveral and Surf Road in Cocoa Beach (the Northern North Reach) and between 3rd Street North and the northern limit of Patrick AFB (the Southern North Reach). Work in the Northern North Reach began January 28, 2014, however due to equipment maintenance, sand placement is temporarily on hold. We estimate dredging operations will resume on February 16th. Work in the Southern North Reach is expected to begin around March 21, 2014.  The sand will be dredged from Canaveral Shoals, an offshore borrow area located approximately six miles east of Cape Canaveral. All beach work will be completed by May 1, 2014. The remainder of the North Reach shoreline between Surf Road and 3rd Street North has remained stable and will not receive sand. Construction funding for the project is 100% federal. Check back soon for more project details or click here to read the project history.

South Reach – Indialantic / Melbourne Beach

The US Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a contract to Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company (GLDD) to renourish the 3.8 mile South Reach of the Brevard County Shore Protection Project to counter erosion caused by Hurricane Sandy. Sand placement began north of Fifth Avenue, Indialantic on November 27, 2013. GLDD will place approximately 585,500 cubic yards of sand along the shoreline between Flug Avenue in Indialantic and Spessard Holland Park. Equipment is currently being staged on a Town lot east of Ocean Terrace in Indialantic. The sand will be dredged from Canaveral Shoals, an offshore borrow area located approximately six miles east of Port Canaveral.  All work will be completed by May 1, 2014. Construction funding for the project is 100% federal. Check back soon for more project details or click here to read the project history.

Degrove crew chief setting up robotic total station in renourishment area.

Dredge is seen here on the horizon.


Degrove’s wader preparing to enter the surf zone to capture topographic data.


End of the pipe that delivers sand to the area being renourished.

Congratulations to Degrove Employee Tyler Tracz on Achieving his Professional Surveying License

Degrove wishes to recognize and congratulate employee Tyler Tracz (pictured above) on passing the Principles of Surveying exam and achieving his professional license as a Surveyor and Mapper.  A second generation surveyor, Mr. Tracz began working on a survey crew as a teenager for a summer job.  While attending the University of Central Florida, he continued working in surveying during seasonal breaks in the school year.  Eventually choosing to pursue a career in surveying, Mr. Tracz graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in geomatics in 2009.  He has since been working at Degrove as a field/hydrographic party chief and assistant project manager. 

In his time at Degrove, Mr. Tracz has contributed to a number of Degrove projects for clients such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, JEA, St. Johns River Water Management District, Southwest Florida Water Management District, U.S.D.A. Forest Service, and City of Gainesville.  Mr. Tracz also serves as a valuable member of Degrove’s hydrographic team, and has completed hydrographic surveys throughout the state of Florida. 

Mr. Tracz’s achievement gives Degrove a total of six licensed Professional Surveyor and Mappers on staff, further allowing Degrove to offer a diverse level of expertise that is rarely found in a single survey firm.

Degrove Completes Hydrographic Surveys for U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Projects – Florida

As part of an ongoing contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Degrove Surveyors recently completed a series of hydrographic surveys supporting U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Projects.  The project included surveys of six navigation channels along Florida’s west coast, including: Steinhatchee River, Withlacoochee River, Homosassa River, Cedar Keys Harbor, Crystal River, and Keaton Beach. 

The project entailed the single-beam survey of profile lines along the centerline of each navigation channel, as well as the channel edges in some cases.  Navigation aids (channel markers) were also located, photographed, and included on the map.  The total length of lines surveyed on these six channels was approximately 80 miles, with over 250 navigation aids located.  The surveys were completed on the location-dependent datum of Mean Lower Low Water (as per project requirements).  Degrove utilized RTK GPS for horizontal and vertical positioning of the vessel.  The survey was completed and processed using Hypack software. 

Degrove VP Tom Tracz Elected to Serve as FSMS Crown Chapter President

Degrove Vice President Tom Tracz (pictured above, second from right) was recently elected to serve as President of the Crown Chapter of the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society (FSMS).  A long time FSMS member, Mr. Tracz was sworn in at the September meeting of the Crown Chapter, taking place at Caddy Shack Restaurant at World Golf Village in St. Augustine, Florida.  The Degrove team has a long history of being active leaders in FSMS.  It is Degrove’s philosophy that being active in professional societies and the local community is part of professional responsibility.  Degrove congratulates Mr. Tracz on his election and for continuing to be a credit to the surveying profession.